Forensic Science

Special Points of Interest: Larry Turner, Senior Forensic Scientist

  • Has worked in four(4) different Forensic Crime Laboratories  and / or taught Forensic Science courses over  his 33 years career in Forensic Science
  • Is the past Director of the Forensic Science Program at Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, AZ
  • Has trained Teachers, Investigators, Nurses, and Attorneys on the specifics of  Criminalistics and Forensic Science
  • Has been promoted as one of the most dynamic presenters of Forensic Science Information and has been seen on television programs such as “America Most Wanted”, “The  FBI Files”, and most recently  on “The New Detectives”

The instructor is on the cutting edge of forensic science information and  training.

Microscope PhotoLarry Turner has been an expert in the field of Forensic Science and Criminalistics for thirty-three years.  He is the former Director of the Forensic Science Program at Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, Arizona. This Forensic Science Program helped to prepare students in beginning their careers in the field of Forensic Science. His classes were the most popular classes on campus and they had a waiting list each semester. In his career in Forensic Science, he has supervised the areas of Chemistry/Comparative Evidence, Forensic Blood Alcohol, Controlled Substances (Drugs), Fingerprint Processing, Firearms and Toolmarks Analysis, Questioned Documents Comparisons, Computer Crimes Analysis, and all of the areas of the Trace Evidence Unit which include Paint Analysis, Gunshot Residue Analysis (GSR), Hair/Fiber Analysis, Glass Analysis, and Arson Analysis. Before coming to Scottsdale Community College, Mr. Turner was in management with the Santa Clara County Crime Laboratory in San Jose, CA for five years, which is considered to be one of the top five Crime Laboratories in America today. He has been a Director of the City of Jackson, MS Crime Laboratory for five years where he was responsible for the supervision of the forensic analyses of all criminal cases that occurred in that metropolitan city. Before becoming the Director of the city Crime Laboratory, he was a Senior Criminalist in the City of San Diego, CA Crime Laboratory for eight years where he specialized in the forensic areas of body fluid analysis, blood alcohol content analysis, crime scene investigations, and bloodstain pattern interpretation. He began his career with a State of Mississippi Crime Laboratory for eight years where he worked his way through the ranks to become supervisor of the murder and rape units and was considered the state’s number one expert on capital murder cases.

Instructor’s love for sharing forensic knowledge is unmatched.

The presenter of the Forensic Science information was an instructor at San Jose State University for three years where he taught one of the most popular classes in the School of Administration of Justice. The class was the “Introduction of Forensic Sciences”. The students raved about the amount of information that was presented on Forensic Science and Criminalists and how easy it was to understand. While in San Diego, California, he taught the same class at National University in their Masters Program for three years. While in San Jose, he taught with the Institute of Criminal Investigations (ICI), a Police Officers Special Training (P.O.S.T) organization where he taught homicide and sexual assault investigators about the Forensic Crime Laboratory’s role in their investigation of these crimes and how the physical evidence should be collected and preserved at the crime scenes.

Mr. Turner has realized the lack of good quality education for high school students, working professionals, and the general public who are interested in obtaining this critical knowledge in Forensic Science and he is determined to provide that information.


Forensic Biology (DNA)
500 Cases

Forensic Blood Alcohol
300 Cases

Classes completed in Areas of the Crime Lab
30 Classes

Crime Scene Investigations
250 Cases                       

Blood Stain Pattern Interpretations
50 Cases

Drug Analysis
400 Cases

Classes/Seminars taught in Forensic Science
150 Cases

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